My resume


01.2024 – 01.2024, Seminar anti-Semitism,
Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (ÖIF)

10.2023 – 10.2023, Training for educational professionals II,
Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.,
> Workshops on international cooperation in education, and on working with (historical) sources
> Lecture on the unification of European countries into the EU, and visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
> Lecture on the French-German history of Alsace, and guided tour at the German military cemetery in Niederbronn
> Conversations with French and German next of kin

A multi-day program at:
> Jugendbegegnungs- und Bildungsstätte Niederbronn-les-Bains, France

06.2022 – 06.2022, Training for educational professionals I,
Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.,
> Workshops on peace education for young people, and on pedagogical opportunities in out-of-school learning places
> Knowledge exchange with history teachers
> Guided tours at Allied and German military cemeteries
> Conversations with Dutch and German next of kin

A multi-day program at:
> Jugendbegegnungs- und Bildungsstätte Ysselsteyn, Netherlands

02.2014 – 06.2014, German as a foreign language (level C1),
Volkshochschule Kleve, Germany

09.2010 – 02.2011, World War II education,
(This minor is part of the study program History teacher),

University of applied sciences of Utrecht, The Netherlands
> Education about WW2 from the perspective of perpetrators, victims and bystanders
> Workshops on didactic skills, peace education, psychology and opinion forming
> Excursions to places of remembrance in the Netherlands and Germany
> Comparing modern developments with events from WW2
> Contact with time witnesses
> Final research project and presentation: Dutch Nazi collaboration during WW2

Among other things, a multi-day program at:
> Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen, Germany, 2010
> Gedenkstätte Buchenwald, Germany, 2010

09.2007 – 07.2011, Bachelor of Communication,
University of applied sciences of Utrecht, The Netherlands
> Journalistic skills such as research and writing
> Making brochures, magazines and websites
> Productions for social media, television and radio
> Cross-media campaigns and event organization

09.2000 – 07.2006, Vwo / High School,
Dalton Den Haag, The Netherlands
> School research project: The Dutch and German defenses during WW2 in the Netherlands


Work experience and additional activities

04.2022 – present, Library employee, University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem Nijmegen, The Netherlands
> Helping (international) students, teachers and researchers in the library
> Contributions to the database of WW2 teaching materials (Study programs: Primary school teacher, History, Dutch and German)
> Co-organizing an exhibition about WW2 in the library in Nijmegen
> Attending guest lectures, for example by a Jewish Holocaust survivor
> Supporting open days and the introduction week, and organizing giveaways on Instagram

02.2022 – present, Extra player in WW2 movies, different organisations / clients,
This includes participation in:
> A film series about a teenage girl in the Dutch Youth Storm
> A Virtual Reality film about a prisoner of war Soviet soldier
> A film about a Jewish interpreter in the Allied army

05.2015 – present, Various work on the subject of the Second World War, different organisations / clients,
Among other things:
> Creating educational programs for schools (participation by 1,200 pupils from groups 7 and 8 of primary education, with an average teacher rating of 8.5 of the Dutch rating system)
> Information officer Horsa Glider glider project (visited by thousands of visitors and approximately 15 British veterans and Prince Charles)
> Meeting with more than 250 time witnesses (heroes, perpetrators, victims and bystanders)
> Researching in (international) archives for more than 50 next of kin about their relatives (stories of civilians, forced laborers and military personnel)
> Requesting recognition and appreciation for Dutch veterans (awards and letters of thanks)
> Advising heirs on inheritance (of military objects)

Summer 2023, Volunteer Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof Lommel, (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.), Lommel, Belgium
> Cleaning hundreds of headstones and coloring name plates
> Conversations with relatives of German soldiers who are buried on Lommel
> Helping Belgian Tourist Information with a WW2 tour
> Giving a presentation about both my grandfathers’ war histories in the seminar room
> Reading of the ‘Totengedenken’ (Memorandum for Remembrance) during the memorial ceremony

Summer 2019, Volunteer Memorial Fort Breendonk, (Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V.), Willebroek, Belgium
> Contact with Holocaust survivors
> Helping with changing the temporary exhibition and with the reconstruction of a walking path around the fort
> Painting of a wooden shelter house from the First World War and derusting and painting of lorries used by prisoners in the Second World War
> Participation in knowledge workshops about the fortress to defend Antwerp, Kazerne Dossin as a transit camp, and about the sentencing of Belgian collaborators

Summer 2018, Volunteer care farm ‘Hofgemeinschaft Loidhold’, (Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V.), Sankt Martin im Mühlkreis, Austria
> Living and working on a farm with people with a physical and/or mental disability

Summer 2018, Volunteer Lern- und Gedenkort Schloss Hartheim, (Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V.), Alkoven, Austria
> Organizing workshops to talk to international participants about everyone’s country and family during WW2
> Investigation into the Dutch and Jewish persons who were on the transport lists of 11 and 12 August 1941, for deportation from the Hartheim euthanasia center to Dachau and other concentration camps
> Translation of museum brochures and other texts from German to Dutch
> Participation in knowledge workshops about the Anschluss of Austria, Mauthausen concentration camp, the Nuremberg trials, and about the Aktion T4 euthanasia program by the Nazis

Summer 2017, Volunteer Gedenkstätte Buchenwald, (Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V.), Weimar, Germany
> Archival research on former prisoners and camp guards
> Making a memorial stone about the children’s transport to Auschwitz for the Memorial Road Buchenwald-Bahn
> Participation in knowledge workshops on Nazi and Soviet occupation concentration camps, the production of V1 and V2 missiles in Mittelbau Dora, and on past and present Judaism in Germany

02.2014 – 02.2015, Tourism employee, Gemeinde Kranenburg, Germany,
During this year abroad I lived in Frasselt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

My work at the German Municipality of Kranenburg:
> Informing tourists about the possibilities in the region Nijmegen – Kranenburg – Kleve
> Support at events and holiday fairs
> Making brochures and advertisements in Dutch
> Voting office employee (Ortschaft Mehr) European and local elections

10.2013 – 04.2016, Language café participant, Seniorenzentrum Herz-Jesu-Kloster, Kleve, Germany,
> Contact with nursing home residents, international students and new residents Kleve
> Conversations on various topics in German

02.2011 – 12.2013, Communication specialist, Museum Ship Mercuur, Scheveningen, The Netherlands
> Working on board the former naval ship, which has now become a museum
> Creating a website, promotional films, brochures and other communication products
> Giving tours from the wheelhouse and radio cabin, to the galley and engine room
> Telling about the Royal Navy, the Marshall Plan, the mine service and the submarine service
> Support at major public events and veterans reunions

09.2009 – 02.2010, Communications trainee, Royal Netherlands Navy, Den Helder, The Netherlands
> Writing articles for the magazines of the Navy and newspaper of the Ministry of Defense
> Participating in military exercises on land and on the North Sea
> Living at the ‘Willemsoord Nieuwe Haven’ Navy Barracks in Den Helder

12.2008 – 02.2009, Communications trainee, Museum Bronbeek, Arnhem, The Netherlands
> Film production of medal presentations to soldiers for their service in Afghanistan

08.2000 – 08.2002, Participant Navy Water Camps, Royal Netherlands Navy, Texel, The Netherlands
> Participation in sporty summer camps including marches, rowing and sailing
> Operating location ‘Joost Dourlein barracks’ on the island of Texel

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