My family during WW2

My grandfather Jaap Grilk
– Dutch veteran –
Royal Netherlands Army and Dutch Internal Forces

My grandfather as captain.

I became interested in World War II through my grandfather’s stories. His name is Jaap Grilk (retired lieutenant colonel). His uniform can be viewed in the collection of the Dutch National Military Museum in Soest.

Shortened Resume
– Lieutenant infantry, Royal Dutch East Indies Army (KNIL), Java, Dutch East Indies (1938 – 1939)
– Lieutenant infantry, Royal Netherlands Army (KL), Battle of The Hague (1940)
– Lieutenant Dutch Construction Service (NOD), Rotterdam and other places (1940 – 1941)
– In hiding, The Hague (1943 – 1945)
– Group commander of the Internal Forces (BS), Region 13A The Hague and surroundings (1945)
– Training with the British Army, England (1945 – 1947)
– Member of the contact organization of the former resistance and the Internal Forces (until 1949)
– Liaison Officer, Dutch Headquarters of the General Staff (HKGS) and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE – NATO), France, Germany and other places (1948 – 1954)

– the War Memorial Cross (with the clasp Netherlands May 1940)
– the Officer’s Cross (with the year sign XXXV)
– the Veteran Badge

My great uncle Bauke Schokker
– Dutch citizen –
prisoner concentration camps Amersfoort and Neuengamme

Last residential address of my great-uncle.

1945 death in Neuengamme
My grandmother had a half-brother named Bauke Schokker. He was a victim of Nazism. In 1945 he died in Concentration Camp Neuengamme (Germany).

Bauke’s last residential address was ‘Van den Berghstraat 39’ in the Laakkwartier in The Hague. Do you have a photo of Bauke? Would you please contact me.

Life history
– Born in Weststellingwerf in Friesland (August 28, 1924)
– Moved as a child with his parents to The Hague (December 1933)
– As an 18-year-old student book printer in The Hague, but drafted for the Arbeitseinsatz (May 1943)
– In hiding in a farm in Lochem, in the Achterhoek in Gelderland (1943 – 1944)
– Arrested by the Sicherheitsdienst of Aussenstelle Arnheim (May 1944)
– Prisoner in Camp Amersfoort, with prisoner number 13861 (June 1944 – September 1944)
– Transport by train to Germany (September 1944)
– Prisoner in Camp Neuengamme in Hamburg, with prisoner number H49277 (September 1944 – January 1945)
– Died at the age of 20 in Camp Neuengamme (January 6, 1945)

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