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My name is Ferdi Postma, I am 38 years old and live in Arnhem in the Netherlands. On this website I show more about my specialization in the theme of the Second World War. It is my goal to collect and pass on stories of civilians and soldiers from the period 1939 – 1945. This is to warn against possible wars. This is due to my own family history and contact with many time witnesses. I am also interested in new (international) co-operations and projects. For example, you can approach me for historical research, an educational project or journalistic productions.

Creation of a memorial stone for Jakob Steinhoff, 19 years old from Hungary, who died in Buchenwald. The memorial stone is now located along the Gedenkweg Buchenwald-Bahn in Weimar in Germany.

More informationdata about Jakob Steinhoff.

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